Monday, April 18, 2016


I was really hoping to not have to write this post.  At least not for a while, anyway.  Definitely not so soon after my last one.  But, if there's one thing I've learned about CMT, it's to never assume how anything will go.  Let me back up a little...

My last surgery, back in January, went really smoothly.  Like, picture perfect smooth.  My metatarsal got shaved down, my toe got moved down about 15 degrees, and all is FINALLY well on that foot.  My incisions are healed, there are no sores or pressure points bothering me, and my toe has finally stopped aching. Oh, and my AFO is feeling great and working well, too!

I went to Florida for a few days in March for a CMTA Branch Leader Conference (that's a whole other post), and my goal had been to be pain-free by the time I went.  I was very happy that that ended up being the case.  I got through all my long days at the conference pain-free, while wearing my AFO's 24/7.  Returning home, I was really excited to finally get back to "normal life" again, after almost a year of surgeries and recuperation.

About 2 weeks ago, the outer edge of my right foot started hurting.  A lot.  I thought that maybe I had just overdone it for a day or two, so I scaled back a bit on my walking, thinking it would fix itself.  Instead, just the opposite got worse.  A few days after the pain started, I noticed a large black spot under my skin in that area, and immediately called my doctor's office.  As I had suspected, the callous was ulcerating and bleeding under the skin.  Not fun.

The doctor and I chatted for a bit about my options, and in the end, it was up to me to decide which way I wanted to go.  I hate that.  I'd much rather someone just tell me exactly what I have to do to fix a problem.  I decided that I'd take a couple days and think about it, but it didn't even take me until the end of the day to make up my mind.  Pretty easy to do when every step becomes more painful than the last!

So, my next surgery is scheduled for this upcoming Thursday.  The fabulous Dr. M is going to shave off the edge of my 5th metatarsal, which should hopefully take a lot of the pressure off of that callous spot.  I also decided to have him straighten my big toe on this foot while he's in there.  Might as well get it all done at once, right?  At least I'll be in a walking boot and can still get around...that's a big bonus!  I'm trying not to dwell on this being my 4th surgery in a year's time, but it's a bit of a hard pill to swallow right now.  All in all, I'm just excited to get the surgery taken care of, and to get moving again.  Wish me luck!