Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Today was Addison's first day of preschool!  This girl was up and ready to go by 7:30 this morning, even though school didn't start until 12:30.  She was that excited!

There's always that tiny bit of nervousness that I get whenever Addison starts something new.  I realize that every parent must go through this and have the same worries, but I always have that additional worry.  Will her CMT hold her back?  Will it keep her from making friends easily?

Addison went to a half year of preschool last year two days a week.  This year it's a full year, and 3 days a week.  Last year, her best friend was in her class with her.  This year she's on her own.  I was nervous about how things would go when I dropped her off, but she couldn't have been more excited.  She's all ready to learn and make new friends, and I have to just keep believing that she will be nothing more than excellent!


Lenka said...

Yay, Addison! She looks so ready! I hope she finds friends quickly and settles right in :). Happy first day!

Casee said...

I hope preschool is going well for Addison, it is a scary step for the kids and the parents. And she is seriously so beautiful, nice job Melissa and Zuke!