Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Blues

No, I don't have the "winter blues", despite what my long-term silence on this blog might indicate.  (I'll remedy that, I promise!)  My winter blues stem from a totally different source, one that usually is not psychological.

Now, I hate the cold.  I hate the snow.  I hate the ice and the slush and the gray, cloudy skies.  I hate winter.  My hatred of winter has seemed to grow worse as I've gotten older.  I hate driving in the snow.  I hate hauling my kids out to run errands in the cold. I hate being petrified of slipping on ice or slush.

I hate many things about winter, but the thing that I hate most is the pain.  Every year here in Utah, we get that one really cold, wet storm.  The one that suddenly moves in after a dry, relatively warm spell.  Well, actually, we end up getting quite a few of them during the winter months, but it's the first one that's the worse.  My bones start to ache. I become acutely aware of every single joint in my entire body....it feels like every little bit of cartilage has completely disappeared.  I begin to feel like an 80-year old arthritic patient.  It's like the body aches that usually accompany the flu, but about a hundred times worse.

I don't mean to sit and have a pity party for myself.  (I already did that the other day. LOL.)  Once it stays cold for a few days, my body normalizes and everything is back to "normal" again.  But until then, I will keep taking my over-the-counter painkillers that don't seem to work much, and use my best puppy-dog eyes to solicit extra back rubs from my husband. :)


Lenka said...

I'm sorry that winter hits you so hard, too. It's my toughest season! I tell people, "I understand why older people. Ove to warm climates!". We need a CMT winter getaway to somewhere warm, like Hawaii :)

Lenka said...

Oops-typo. Why older people move to warm climates :)

Silly auto-correct :)

Casee said...

So sorry, I hope things look up soon. And yes, do everything you can to solicit those rubs from Zuke!