Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Support Group

Today was a pretty quiet day.  I did some laundry, finished an amazing book, drank a Dr. Pepper.....you know, the good stuff.  And in the middle of this quiet day, something really cool happened.

I applied to be the facilitator of a new CMT Support group here in Utah!

I am SOOO excited about this opportunity!  And, admittedly, a little bit nervous.  This is a huge undertaking, but I feel confident that I can do it.  The closest support groups to here are either in Denver or Las Vegas, which is just not close enough.

Growing up, I never knew of anyone else who had CMT.  I never admitted it to anyone but my close friends, and even then we didn't really talk about it.  The internet wasn't what it is today, and so there wasn't the availability of information or connecting with other people.  Nobody else in my family has CMT, so aside from the doctors I'd see, there wasn't anyone else who seemed to understand what I was going through.  It was a lonely, frustrating circumstance.

And now, I've had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people who are dealing with CMT in their lives in one way or another. Some of them in my own area!  We've been able to share stories, ideas, and support.  I don't feel like I'm alone anymore, and I want to be able to give that opportunity to everyone that I can!

None of the details have been decided yet (dates, location, etc.), but this is a start!  I am so excited about this new adventure!


Casee said...

That is wonderful! Good job for taking the initiative to bring support to more people.

Theo Faron said...

I've just discovered this blog and I'm amazed!!! Here you have a new reader...see you soon.

Annalee said...

I'm super proud of you!! :)