Monday, September 26, 2011


I came to a stunning, yet exciting, realization today.  I had just picked Tyler up from piano lessons, and we were stopping at the gas station for a treat.  I opened my door, stepped out, and walked up onto the sidewalk.  As I stood there waiting for Tyler, it hit me.  My foot didn't hurt.  At all.  I hadn't had to pause when standing up out of my van to compose myself because of the pain. I hadn't had to push thoughts of searing pain out of my mind to walk 5 feet.

I got a little lost in my excitement for a moment, and Tyler was already impatiently holding the door to the gas station open for me.  (He REALLY wanted those M&M's!)  It was just such an exciting thought!  I honestly can't remember the last time I could even stand up without wincing in pain.  I can actually walk around my house and do some cleaning without wanting to cry.  It's so awesome!!!

My podiatrist said this would likely happen....that he would remove the callous and the pain would eventually go away.  At that point, he said, I could decide whether or not to have this bone spur removed.  What's the point in doing surgery if you're not in pain anymore, right?  I definitely don't see it that way.  You see, he also said that if I didn't have the spur removed, the callous would most definitely come back over time.  Maybe if all the searing pain of the past few months wasn't so fresh in my mind, I'd consider that.  But there is no possible way that I would even chance going through that again.  No. Way. At. All.

So, here's to pain-free steps when we can get them!

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Casee said...

Hooray for being pain free! I hope it lasts!