Friday, September 23, 2011


Alright, we're in the home stretch!  Only one more week of CMT Awareness Month!  What have you done to spread awareness?  Who have you told about CMT this week?

My friend, Lenka of Lenkaland, agreed that it would be fun to do a question and answer post, with questions from all of you!  Wouldn't that be a great wrap-up to this awesome month? I think so!

So, this is how it works.  Leave me a comment on here or on facebook, or send me an email with your question(s) about CMT.  It can be any type of question, from facts about CMT, to personal experiences, or to how we handle certain situations.  Nothing regarding CMT is off limits!  Then next week, Lenka and I will both answer your questions, so that you can get more than one viewpoint on the subject.  Answers will be posted on both our blogs, and possibly answered on Lenka's Disability Community Podcast.

I am so excited for this!  So send in your questions.....I can't wait to read them!!


Lenka said...

I'm posting this at Lenkaland, too. I hope we get lots of questions!


Casee said...

What is the hardest thing for you having CMT? (for instance dealing with the every day things or more of the emotional side of things?)

Do you do anything specific to blow off steam when it just becomes too much?

What kinds of questions do your kids (or other kids) ask you about CMT?

Who has been your greatest support?

I will try to think of some more, but here are a few questions for you to start thinking about. I look forward to hearing both of your answers.