Monday, September 5, 2011


Today has actually been a pretty calm day, which is nice, considering it's a rare day off for my husband.  We had all these things on our to-do list....boring things like laundry, cleaning the garage, grocery shopping, etc.  We bagged most of that list, to be honest.  I am a firm believer in the occasional need for a real day off.  We had a late sushi lunch (yum!), stopped and bought some fresh peaches, picked up my son from his dad, and stopped to pick up my new HD camcorder (which I will be using to record my videos for the CMTA site! Yay!).

When I stopped to pick up the camcorder from my sister's house, we decided that since we both had to run to the grocery store, we may as well go together. That way, Zuke and I wouldn't need to drag all of the kids with us.  I did, however, take Addison because, as mentioned previously, she has quite the affinity for the grocery store.

We made the decision, as usually happens to take my vehicle.  Why?  Because I have the handy dandy handicapped license plate, that's why!  It's amazing how not having to walk that extra 10-20 yards makes such a difference, but it does. I also opted to use the motorized cart while shopping.  Usually, if it's a quick in-and-out trip for just a few things, I'll just push a cart.....the exercise is good.  But this was an enough-food-for-two-weeks type of trip, so the cart was necessary.  I have to say, this was probably the first trip where I've used that cart that I haven't gotten some sort of funny look from another shopper.  I've found that when I wear shorts or capris so people can see my AFO, I don't get as many funny looks.  Or when I was pregnant, people never seemed to question it.  

Once, a few years ago, I was at a large chain store (name not mentioned) after I'd had foot surgery.  I had a cast on my foot, even.  In any case, I was motoring around the store doing my shopping, and some guy came up to me and started chewing me out.....loudly!  It took me a few seconds to figure out what he was upset about....he was accusing me of playing around on the motorized cart, and therefore making it unavailable for someone he was with (his wife, I think?) to use.  I stayed really calm, surprisingly, and listened to him rant.  As he's going on and on, my friend came walking around the corner carrying my crutches, and by that time I had pulled up my pant leg enough that my cast was clearly visible.  A small crowd had gathered by this time, and were all staring at him incredulously because they had seen what was actually very obvious.  Seriously, this guy was so's kind of funny thinking about it now.  Finally, one guy standing in the small crowd called the ranting guy out, making him stop and pay attention.  This guy's face turned bright red, and a few people in the crowd started snickering.  He immediately spun on his heels and hurried off, muttering some obscenities to himself.  The crowd dissipated, and an employee of the store came up to apologize to me.  I told him not to worry about it, but that the store should really consider investing in some more motorized carts (I think that they only have 2....and it's a large store) so that everyone who needed one had one available.

I've found myself more and more lately only shopping at the large stores that have motorized carts available to their customers, and ample handicapped parking.  It's hard sometimes dealing with the stares and questioning glances from people, but I'd much rather shrug those off than barely be able to walk back to my car after a shopping trip.  


Casee said...

People really need to mind their own business. I can see if you are a teenager with your friends riding around in the cart, but what if you hadn't had crutches or a cast? Is it any of his business? I understand his point of view as far as someone playing around on the equipment, but c'mon to outright chew someone out in public, not cool. I am glad that people stood up for you, he obviously needed someone to tell him to back off. I definitely think you should take full advantage of the handicap parking and the motorized carts, that is what they are there for.

Chalyse said...

I've used the motorized carts before when I was recovering from a 10day hospital stay. I was so weak I wouldn't have made it around the store without one. I got looks but thank God no one said anything. People really need to mind their own business cause they never know the shoes someone has walked in before. I'm so sorry this happened to you. He clearly wasn't thinking!