Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Goal....

Well, here we are!  September 1st.....the beginning of CMT Awareness Month!  I honestly didn't think I'd feel as much excitement as I do, but it's actually pretty overwhelming.  Over the past few weeks, I've gotten more involved than I've ever been.  

I've talked to, emailed, and chatted with other people living with CMT from all across the country.  

I've read dozens of blog posts, emails, and real-life accounts of CMT experiences.  

I've emailed every local media outlet, asking them for help in raising awareness.  

I've been interviewed and photographed for a newspaper article for CMT. (Link to the article here.) 

I've been in contact with the Governor's office for an official declaration of CMT Awareness Month. (Still waiting for final word.  Keep your fingers crossed!)

I've been planning a fundraiser, which seems insanely more stressful than planning my own wedding!

I've passed out t-shirts, bracelets, pins, and pamphlets to my friends and family.

And still, there's more to do!  I'm working on putting some videos together, which will be on the CMTA's website.  I'm still hounding all the media outlets I haven't heard back from, and I'm continuing to post about CMT on my facebook and twitter pages. It's so awesome to feel like I'm contributing to a cause that I'm so passionate about!

But one of the big goals I've set for myself is to blog at least once a day during September about CMT and my experiences with it.  I've even talked my husband into doing a guest post on CMT from the "caregiver's perspective".  I'm excited to be able to share a side of myself that I have kept so personal for such a long time.

Happy CMT Awareness Month!!


Lenka said...

Yay, I'm doing the same thing over at

I look forward to reading all of our adventures!

I love hearing about your husband's perspectives. They often get overlooked and their stories are so important!

Best wishes and good health! Lenka

Carol Liu said...

Melissa--We join with you in awareness-raising efforts! It's an uphill battle but together we can make a difference! Just tweeted about your article, would love a post from you for the National CMT Resource Center site--let's join forces and elevate CMT to its rightful place on the national health care agenda!

rain said...
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rain said...

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