Wednesday, September 14, 2011

General Randomness

I really don't have anything going on today that's worthy of it's own post, so you guys get a bullet-pointed list of random things today.  Ready?  Here we go...

  • My foot still hurts.  A whole freaking lot.  Tried putting some mole skin on it today, and it did nothing. *Sigh*  Only 11 more days until I can go see the doctor, but I'm now worried that he won't be able to do anything.
  • I spoke with Keri from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation this afternoon.  She is so much fun to talk to! (Hi Keri!)  Apparently, an article is being done about me for their website, and I get to do a guest blog post for them as well!  Now, I just need to decide what to write about.  Any suggestions?
  • There are 24 (slippery) stairs down to where Addison's dance class is held. That's a lot.  More than twice as many as there are in my house.  I dread having to deal with them every week.
  • Speaking of dance class, Addison adores it.  She's slower and not quite as coordinated physically as the other kids, but she doesn't notice.  Plus, she just looks so cute in her purple tutu!
  • I suddenly became very hyper-aware of my foot drop today.  I was walking out of JCPenney into the parking lot, and for some reason it was really prominent, at least to me.  I know it's always been there, but I guess I usually just don't pay much attention to it.
  • I really wish that I could stand to have other people touch my feet, because a foot massage and/or a pedicure would really rock right now!
Ok, I think that's about it for today.  I'm tired, and not just physically.  I have a lot of stuff to do around the house tomorrow before my husband and I go away for a night, so I'd better get to bed.


Casee said...

Foot drop? I have no idea what that means.

That is awesome the Addison is loving her dance class, there is nothing cuter than a little girl dancing around in a tutu!

You should totally go get a pedicure or a massage! I know that it can seem a little weird, but they are both amazing. And who knows, maybe it will relieve some of the pain you are feeling.

Melissa said...

Ok, I'll try and explain what foot drop is as best I can. The peroneal muscle, which is the one on the front of your leg (shin), is the muscle that flexes or pulls your foot up toward your knee. In the case of a lot of people with CMT, the peroneal muscle is one of the first ones to atrophy. And since the muscle atrophies, it's hard to flex the foot up. It becomes a big problem when walking and causes a lot of tripping. A lot of people wear AFO's simply to combat the foot drop.

Casee said...

Oh, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!