Friday, September 30, 2011

Bye-Bye Bone Spur!

Today was surgery day.  Happy day!  Zuke and I left around 8:30 this morning to make the half hour drive to the hospital.  Well, it's usually a half hour drive.  Thanks to the lovely construction on our exit, it took us 20 minutes to just get onto the freeway.  About ten minutes after we were supposed to be at the hospital, I get a call from them making sure I was coming. LOL

The one bonus to being a little late is that I only waited in the waiting room for about two minutes.  They took me back, asked me my name and birthdate about 27 times, and got me ready.  Then came the worst part of the whole thing....getting an IV in.  My theory is that I've had so many IV's in my life (no, really....I've had my share and probably about 50 other people's share) that my veins protest every time I need an IV.  It's amazingly rare for a nurse to get it on the first try.  It took 3 different nurses 4 tries to finally get one in.  The bruises on my arms make me look like a druggie!

In any case, the got the IV in, I talked to the anesthesiologist and the doctor, and then they gave me the good drugs.  They must have taken effect quickly, because I don't even remember kissing Zuke as they wheeled me out of the pre-op room.  The last time I had surgery, I was alert enough to move myself onto the operating table and listen to them set the radio station (to my favorite station - this is the sole reason I trust my doctor to operate.  Hee hee!).  

Zuke says it was about 50 minutes or so from the time they wheeled me in to the time they wheeled me to a recovery room.  Coming out of the anesthesia for me is always an adventure. (I won't share what happened when I had my emergency c-section....I need to maintain a little dignity.)  This time, I must have been feeling pretty okay, because when the nurse offered me a drink, I immediately asked for a Dr. Pepper.  I ended up settling for grape juice (the smarter choice).  I remember just feeling comfy, and then I'd suddenly pop my eyes open and become very alert.  Then I'd get all comfy and sleep a bit more.  They had these new papery gowns, that are equipped with an air bladder thing.  They can hook a tube up to the air bladder and blow warm or cool air into it to help regulate a patient's temperature.  I hated it before surgery because it felt hot and sticky (paper stuff doesn't breathe very well), but then I was happy for it when I got cold in recovery.  However, I think that's also what eventually woke me up for good....I'd had warm air blowing into the gown, as well as three blankets on me.  It was hot!

So we got the blankets off, sat me up, took the IV out, and then I noticed it....the BRIGHT green cast on my foot.  I was confused.  I had told the doctor I wanted blue.  Then I vaguely remember the nurse asking what my favorite color was while wheeling me to surgery.  Yes, green is my favorite color....but not THIS green.  Oh, well.  It looks awesome with my bright purple toenail polish!  LOL

Anyway, we got home around 3 this afternoon.  My foot was still numb, so I could walk on it without much pain or discomfort.  We picked up  my traditional "post surgery/pregnancy/sickness sushi", which is a must!  I've spent the majority of the rest of the day lying on the couch.  Addison has been such a sweetheart, constantly coming over and asking if the operation made my foot all better.  I did stand up a few hours ago to the painful realization that the pain block from the surgery had worn off.  Ouch!  Thank heaven for pain meds!

All in all, I'm doing really well.  I played Rock Band for a while with Zuke and my mother-in-law, and now I'm lounging in bed.  Honestly, I'm really happy just to have it done.  I should be in a cast for 2-3 weeks, and then everything should be pretty much healed up.  Oh, and I got to bring my bone spur home. :)


Casee said...

Oh boy, you got to keep the bone spur, that is quite the souvenir! I am glad everything went well and I hope your recovery is quick and pain-free!

p.s. I have never found out what the circumstances of your c-section were, maybe one of these days we can swap our war stories!

Lenka said...

I hope you're all healed up and walkin around again! You are a trooper!
Best wishes, Lenka

bullytrouble said...

I can't help but wonder about the issues with troubles getting an IV to get in. I have had this trouble for over 2 decades now and cringe at the thought of needing to give blood anymore, as I know it's going to be an adventure. I can't help but think that with the atrophy of the muscles that this problem is related to the fact of having CMT... have you heard such things? Feel free to email me privately at: Thanks! ~Pamela (CMT-er)