Thursday, September 22, 2011


I felt a lot better today.  Still wearing the cam walker, but didn't have to use crutches at all.  Yay!  I can still feel some irritation in that spot, but no major pain.  I am totally ready to be out of this dang cam walker, though.  It totally changes the way that I walk, resulting in heel pain, hip pain, and some muscle pulling in my lower leg.  I'm not sure how I wore a cam walker for about a year straight before!  It makes me very grateful for my AFO.

Surprisingly, though, I'm still amazingly exhausted.  I have so much that I want and need to get done before surgery next week, but I just haven't had the energy or motivation.  Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better by this weekend and can actually be productive.


Casee said...

Hooray for feeling better, I hope it lasts!

J.Richmore said...

It happened to me as well. When I had plantar fasciitis back then, I walked with a walking cast for four months.
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