Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AFO Update

I've been such a slacker, that I feel like all of this is old news. Oh well...I'm gonna share anyway!

I got my AFO adjusted, twice actually. The first time, they shaved about a quarter inch off of the heel lift, and took some of the bottom off around my toes. Those two adjustments made it much easier to get my shoe on, and much easier to balance with the brace on. After a few weeks of wearing it, I started getting a sore on the side of my foot, right about where there's a metal plate and screws in the bones.

So for the second adjustment, they added some padding in that spot, as well as a small teflon pad to reduce the friction on that spot. It's much more comfortable now! I'm wearing the brace all day every day now, and am pretty used to it. Still waiting for that sore to go away, but at least it's not getting any worse.

The big frustration is that I still only have one pair of tennis shoes that work with my brace. None of the pairs that I had purchased before will work....even my Dr. Martens. That makes me sad. I need more shoes. And unfortunately, it's not like I can just run out to Payless and buy some. The shoes I usually end up needing to buy cost a pretty penny, and with my husband still unemployed and looking for work, my shoe wardrobe is just going to have to wait. Until then, I'm in a bit of a jam....I absolutely refuse to wear tennis shoes to church! On Sundays I usually revert back to the cam walker on my left foot, and a dress shoe on my right. It's annoying, and has become uncomfortable, but oh well.


Bryan Schmidt said...

Your new AFO looks great :D It's all high-tech-looking and stuff.

mamadino said...

I was surprised to stumble on your blog after Googling CMT AFO. My daughter (7 yrs. old) was diagnosed with CMT last spring & we've been learning all we can about it. Today we found out she will likely be getting an AFO brace in the next few months, the orthotics she has aren't cutting it. I appreciate your humor in your posts as I worry about the effect this will have on her bright disposition as she matures.